5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Setting yourself fitness goals and starting a plan is one thing but keeping motivated is a whole other thing. Just knowing exercise is good for you doesn’t always mean it’s easy to go to the gym. If this is you, then look at a few proven methods that could help:

  1. Commit With a Friend

It can be helpful to have an accountability partner, so make plans to have a joint workout with a friend. Knowing someone else is counting on you will make it less likely you’ll skip the session. Even better, seeing your friend perform may also give you the motivation to push yourself.

  1. Set a Goal

If you’re just looking to get active, there’s nothing wrong with going to a gym and investing your time. The downside is skipping those visits doesn’t feel like you’re impeding progress toward a goal. It’s best to imagine a finish line—losing weight, increase endurance, add muscle etc.

  1. Change Your Routine

Even if you’re a creature of habit, repeating the same exercises over and over can become monotonous. To avoid boredom, try re-arranging the order or substituting alternatives. By switching things up, you’ll keep both your body and mind invested in the activity.

  1. Take a Challenge

Registering for a fitness event is a great motivation however you can start small. With activity trackers it’s now easier than ever to challenge yourself. Most brands such as Fitbit, Apple & Myzone have the ability to create a challenge that your friends and family can take part in, without affecting your daily routine.

  1. Consider a Trainer

Certified Personal Trainers will add to the cost of your workout, but they bring tangible value. An expert can design a goal-based program, show correct equipment use & provide tips on nutrition. You may find you don’t need their help for long but having them present could compel you to stick with it


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