Herb Tofu with Mixed Grains, Wheat Berries & Greens

Prepping your meals can be a real time saver! Whether its main meals or snacks, it’s never a bad thing to have a lunchbox in the fridge or freezer to grab and go! Meal prep doesn’t have to be fancy food and it doesn’t have to be time consuming. As long as you aim to keep your meals balanced, they’re going to be very helpful in regards to fuelling your body. Not only can meal prep save time, but its convenient, cost effective and may help reduce food waste! So it’s a win win really.


To help inspire you, I have shared a few favourite recipes of mine that are great for making and taking on the go – and don’t worry, they’re super easy to whip up too!

Herb tofu with mixed grains, wheat berries & greens


  • 160g mixed greens (broccoli, peas, asparagus)
  • 125g herb tofu
  • 125g wheat berries and mixed grains


  1. Simply steam the veg 5-8 mins
  2. Add the tofu and grains cold
  3. Ready to heat up at work!

Total time: 10mins

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Sophie Bertrand - Registered Associate Nutritionist ANutr

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