Maximise Your Glute Training

To get that great looking set of legs and firm, shaped glutes you should be aiming to train your Gluteus Maximus at least once a week, ideally on the same day you train legs. Another benefit of strengthening this muscle is that it will make every other exercise you do for your lower body safer. Here are a few great ways to maximise your lower body workouts

Warm Up

Too many people rush through their workout and don’t leave enough at the start to warm up. However, if you have been sitting at work all day then you need to get warm before doing any heavy lifting. 5-10 minutes on a Stairmaster followed by some foam rolling and mobility exercises (Like a glute bridge) is a great starting point.

Train Glutes First, and Train them Hard

Squats shouldn’t always be the first exercise to start your leg day. Your glutes are the largest and strongest muscle group on your lower body, and giving them a challenge right from the start sets the perfect tone for everything else to come. You'll want to place heavier, glute-focused exercises at the beginning of your workouts to ensure you have the greatest amount of energy and the best form. Performing these moves first also engages the mind-muscle connection. As you go through your other leg-focused movements, you'll likely be more in tune with your glutes. This encourages better lifting form, and will also make you stronger at lower-body movements like squats and lunges.

Try A Glute Resistance Band

Glute resistance bands are small so they easily fit in your gym bag and can really help make a difference to your workouts. They can be used below or above your knees and they'll force your glutes to generate more tension when performing each exercise. Similar to the resistance bands found at Prix Workout, these come in different strengths of resistance so you can progress as your strength improves.

End with A high Rep Finisher

Pick 1 final exercise to finish of your workout. Ideally choose something that can be used with a resistance band and aim for around 30-40 reps or continue until failure. This is going to burn but it will be worth it!

Best Glute Exercises

Most of these can all be executed using a Glute Resistance Band.

Barbell Hip Thrusts             Lateral walk
Air Squat                              Good Morning
Walking Lunge                    One Legged Cable Kickback 
Smith machine Squat         Cable Pull Through                         
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